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American Vintage - GELATO


1970s Sicily. That’s where AMV drew its inspiration for part of its Spring-Summer 2024 collection. We’re talking retro prints and popsicle colours.



This season, American Vintage is heading back to 1970s, Southern Italy. The atmosphere is heatwave hot, with light Mediterranean breezes to cool down the evenings. It’s where people live to the rhythm of the sun, between a siesta in the shade of the fig tree and a splash in the pool, with the sound of water lapping against the rocks in the background.


“We wanted to capture the hottest hours of the day, when the sun makes the sea sparkle. That’s why we created designs we’d love to wear by the sea, with airy fabrics and well-crafted cuts."

- Olivier Richaud, Men’s and Women’s Stylist at American Vintage.



For our women’s collection, pastel designs tinged with original prints convey Italian farniente. Flowers first: the Clothilde print adorns our BOBY pieces, while the deliberately innocent Annie print contrasts with the fluidity of our SHANNING range. As for stripes, our Axelle prints line up beautifully on terrycloth, Supima® cotton and lightweight poplin. Patterns can be mixed and matched for a completely relaxed look.


For men, summer’s carefree spirit is at its peak, with flowy, natural looks. Aqua stripes bring out the best in a poplin shirt and shorts ensemble. And the HODATOWN and IZUBIRD joggers are available in all-new colours: Orchid and Blondie Vintage, which is also found on the essential DEVON T-shirt, perfect for the warmer months thanks to its short sleeves and round neck.


Consultant: Faam Lemm
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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Geïnspireerd door de Verenigde Staten richt Michaël Azoulay in 2005 in Marseille het merk American Vintage op. Gemarkeerd door de weidse landschappen en de absoluut ontspannen sfeer die daarmee gepaard gaat, besluit hij het meest tijdloze basic item te updaten: het T-shirt. In de loop van de seizoenen breiden de collecties zich uit, waarbij ze worden opgebouwd rond items die steeds fijner uitgewerkt worden. American Vintage verkoopt tegenwoordig kleding voor hem, voor haar en voor kids, in kleuren en stoffen die het DNA van het merk vormen en een veelvoud aan emoties weten op te wekken.