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Curiosity sets things in motion

Don't end me here, take me there, and let me evolve to a whole new level


A unique architectural space, the vacant NS office at Eindhoven CS, which has been empty for years, will be transformed into a nomad gallery with a surreal feeling from October 21 to 29 during Dutch Design Week. MESSMERIZING showcases a dreamy new experience. It shows a new form of exhibiting with collectible objects and scenography on the boundaries between design & art, curated and designed by Sandra Keja Planken and Job Keja.


Curiosity sets things in motion. The whole reason why we can look ahead, create, invent and do is based on childish curiosity - the art of seeing. MESSMERIZING shows how important curiosity is. Then, now and in the future. We invite visitors to return to their own curiosity. What is made and why? Which materials are used and why? What's the story behind it? “I want to stimulate unconventional connections and encourage the exhibitor or visitors involved to be part of new paths to the future,” says Sandra Keja-Planken.



More than 50 (inter)national top designers participate in this colorful exhibition. With crossovers between design, art, graphics, 3D and fashion, we show that past, present and future are intertwined. Visitors walk through a space where unique objects, a diversity of craftsmen of the future, artists and designers, old and young, emerging talent and already well-known names, autodidacts and autistic people come together. Such as the ceramics and glass works of Hanne Arends, who graduated this year from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and previously from the Design Academy, which shows that boxes are disappearing and there are more and more multidisciplinary designers. Or Gina Grünwald, as she says herself, an antidote to fast fashion, with her large sculptural fashion accessories. And Shay Alfia, an Israeli talent, she makes nature-inspired mirror sculptures that ultimately function not as a mirror but as a wall sculpture. Also known talent Pepijn Fabius Clovis, together with an Antwerp restorer, merges a modern reinterpretation of old crafts into a gold foil piano of the future. Sandra Keja Planken will show several glass with textile sculptures. Using these two old techniques, she manually shapes ocean-based objects made from, for example, Autotaalglas scrap pieces and wolkat (recycled clothing from which new yarn is made).


MESSMERIZING is a contemporary exhibition that blurs the boundaries between design and art experience with objects that arouse curiosity MESSMERIZING is a mini district to be amazed

MESSMERIZING is a project by Sandra Keja Planken & Job Keja

MESSMERIZING started in 2022 as a pop-up and will continue in 2023 as a new design experience

MESSMERIZING operates as a nomad gallery for the longer term

Transformation of vacant spaces

With 2 floors of 650m2, a different experience is created than last year. The upper floor shows enlarged objects among a curated scenographic installation. The 1st floor presents combined sets, allowing the visitor to wander from gallery objects to functional collectibles.

MESSMERIZING shows a new form of exhibiting in a unique scenography designed by Sandra Keja Planken with residual glass from Autotaalglas. In which we work together on new forms and fantasy-like experiences. In the meantime, they address social themes such as vacancy. The empty NS office at Eindhoven CS is an example of how Sandra Keja-Planken and Job Keja (Skonk) transform vacant spaces into creative experiences. They combine creative content and business purposes, come up with unconventional concepts and thus create added value.



21-29 Oct daily from 11am to 6 pm
21 Oct 12.00 live auction start with Catawiki and Patrick Kooiman
21 Oct 13.00 Trend Presentation Sandra and Buro Jantrendman
28 Oct 17.00 Closing Party MESSMERIZING


All participants Lucas Zito, Stijn van Aardenne, Pepe Valenti, Anna Resei, Mean Collection, Sofie Aaldering, Gina Grünwald, Douwe Halbertsma, Rutger de Regt, Sandra Keja Planken, Hanne Arends, Victor de Bie, Kasper Boelens, Sjoerd Geerts, Sina Dyks, Celia Hadeler, Marijke de Cock, Elizabeth Lewis, Anna Kunst, AtKris, Mariekke Jansen, Ori_Orisun, Urban Reef, 3DD, Lambert Kamps, Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Dirk van Duivenbode, Teun Zwets, Orange or Red, Sarah Roseman, Barry Llewellyn, Halle Design, Nicky Vollebregt, Manon Stoeltie, Zoran Strijbosch, Arno Hoogland, Wisse Trooster, Studio BL, Sanne Kaal, Olivier van der Mark, Erna de Bie, Karel Bodegom, The Millenhouse, Moon Kuijper, Splitter Splatter, Clara Schweers, Sjang Niederwieser, Jiin Yoon, Sophie Mensen, Shay Alfia, Tomer Netanel, Erik van Schaften, Mungbone, Bold & Schaft, Lorena Rode, Rik ten Velden, Thibeau, Bestwelhip en Tiddo.


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MESSMERIZING is made possible by Skonk, Autotaalglas, Textiellab, Mondilab, NS, 3DDFactory, Greenpaints, Studio Noun and Catawiki.


Consultant: Madeline Mackay
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


Ode al Mar by Sandra Keja-Planken
Ode al Mar
Creative content is king



SOCIAL MEDIA Sandra Keja Planken

MESSMERIZING is organized by Sandra Keja-Planken and Job Keja

Sandra Keja-Planken 

Sandra Keja-Planken is a self-taught designer and artist. Keja-Planken's works let you search for the connection between people, nature and behavior.

She is known for her innovative artistic interior design with a soul. Sandra has been dealing with what is the current trend for 15 years. With her fascination for nature, she works in a positive way with the meaningful use of natural materials in empty or conventional spaces. With her various craft collaborations, she wants to take a look at future environment, living and nature themes. Old buildings are restored and transformed into a total experience. Her spaces and objects have multiple functions, faces and shapes in one.


For the past 4 years she has been creating anthropomorphic design and collectible art objects under her own name. For her glass and textile art she collaborates with the TextielMuseum and Glass Museum. She also processes residual pieces of wood and recycled concrete into one-off pieces. Her works have been presented to Queen Maxima because of her unique way of working.


Job Keja

Owner of Skonk, an agency for creative and strategic solutions for optimizing buildings and public space for end users For Keja, the end user is always central. Latent needs, behavioral patterns and diverse dreams are combined with new technical possibilities and unconventional market combinations. He is not just an advisor. He believes in what he does and because he really enjoys it, he carries out his own business plans as an owner and developer, taking on risk. This varies from developing and operating distinctive catering concepts such as the first BAUT Amsterdam and the Ping Pong Club Utrecht to redeveloping a monumental gem such as the Dierenasyl in Amsterdam Oost, or setting up a design exhibition in Eindhoven CS during Dutch