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Is it an Art Gallery or a Living Space? Actually, it’s both

Art from real homes and spaces

At first glance, Salon H-ome, looks exactly like a gallery. Yes, there are paintings, textiles and much more on display, but there’s also a bed, a full kitchen, lots of books and a hidden gem art garden. That’s because it is a home. Sandra Keja Planken decided it’s time for a fresh, real and intimate setting. Salon H-ome draws inspiration from the old French salons, where objects were discussed and critiqued. Sandra opens her house during Amsterdam Art Week from 30 May - 2nd of June on appointment.


For some of the Dutch, home is where the art is — or it’s in the living room, also known as Salon H-ome Gallery, inside Sandra Keja Planken’s living space in Amsterdam. With collectible art & design pieces that are usually reserved for larger exhibits around the world. Sandra and her artist friends teamed up with a new vibe, no more sweaty fairs, bored or overstimulated audiences.


It’s about rethinking the typical art, design and collectible viewing experience — a departure from the white-cube and rat raced shows, fairs and gallery schedules with too many impulses. Sandra was drawn to this idea of creating a traveling Salon H-ome show where you can sit and experience the works, while having the feeling of being in a home. To connect and live it. Nearly every element in the space is curated, including the garden, plaids, tapestry’s, vases, sofas and chairs — not just what’s hanging on the walls. You’re essentially going into an artist or collector’s vibe, feel at home to be able to place yourself in the position of owning and living with these works.


Participating friends at Sandra her first Salon H-ome show are: Victor de Bie, Teun Zwets, Manon Stoeltie, Lambert Kamps, Rutger de Regt, Orange or Red, Sanne Terweij, Santiago Pani, Bestwelhip, Bas Keja, Celia Hadeler, Tosca Soraya Otten 


After 2 successful editions with her personal Messmerizing gallery show at Dutch Design Week and having participated in many international fair and gallery shows Keja Planken decided it’s time for a fresh, real and intimate setting. You can visit Salon H-ome during Amsterdam Art Week on appointment from 30th May - 2nd June at Sarphatistraat 107H, Amsterdam.


More salon shows Sandra is participating in this year:

30th May - 2nd         

June Enigma Salon show with Mick Galerie during Art Amsterdam

7 June - 2 July       

Summer Salon with Cocoon Collectibles at the old post office Hilversum curated by Sander van Eyck and Wisse Trooster

19-22 September   
Salon H-ome with Victor de Bie at a monumental Amsterdam Pharmacy home

Beginning September             

Salon H-ome green Serre- at Salon Hondekop together with Job Keja,

Fall/ Winter 2024   

LA Salon Show at Rhett Baruch Gallery


Consultant: Madeline Mackay
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


Salon H-ome Gallery
Ode al Mar by Sandra Keja-Planken



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Sandra Keja Planken

Keja Planken is a multidisciplinary artist wo creates her objects at her own studio and the Dutch National Glass Museum and Dutch Textile Museum. Using ancient and new techniques to experiment with materials of then and now. Her new works called “Nature’s Visual sound” showcase her immersive morphing glass and textile objects from remnant, recycled and bio materials in an eclectic salon setting. Like a kind of landscape or coral growing at the bottom of the sea. Bringing the sounds of people and nature together. She belongs to a new guard experimenting in the collectible art & design scene by bringing exhibits at unique settings. Her residences range from an Amsterdam monument and living space with hidden gem backyard or tiny, monumental rooms, industrial apartment lofts to a Dutch railway space transformed into a luscious and green neighborhood serre. It’s a new spin on a nearly century-long tradition of galleries and artists that rely on word-of-mouth, artist input and likeminded hosts. Instead of coming for 20 minutes, the visitors tend to stay for hours, like you do when visiting friends at home. She invites you to connect meaningfully, react and interact. Visitors can inquire about buying not only the art, but also any of the decorative objects, which are rearranged for each show.