Parfois FW 17/18 Campaign
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Parfois FW 17/18 Campaign


The last form of expression

The new PARFOIS FW17/18 campaign is here to bring us a glimpse of what the next winter will be. “Herself” is a concept that seeks to make an ode to women who feel fulfilled and accomplished through a process of self-discovery when they fit into their own skin, the ultimate form of self-expression.


This campaign is born in an environment marked by contrasts, where the found form of “self” expression is set by an environment linked to art, architecture, video and dance, starring Lottie Hayest and Sigrid Vieira. Once again, in a location very close to home – Porto’s Faculty of Economics, a building from 1974, designed by the architect Viana de Lima. “Herself”, a defragmented narrative that ends up converging on the same result and that is going to be rebuilt to the rhythm of a soundtrack created for this campaign by João Vieira, White Haus. Lottie and Sigrid look for the same, but in different ways: their expression regards being artistic, feminine and, of course, unique.


In this environment where dance and fashion go hand in hand, PARFOIS brings us, for the cold season, an eclectic mix of styles, materials and details. A collection that, also, lives on contrasts and oppositions: the classic and the modern - never before mixed - unite to bring us accessories that we will want to wear throughout the winter; grunge and sporty also come together, creating relaxed looks, comfortable yet with a touch of irreverence.


Inspiration from other times and other places comes in a mix of patchwork, squares, flowers, colorful and abstract prints, beads, fur and pads, in a color palette that has both winter and fun - beige, gray, black and camel contrast with red, blue, orange, purple and burgundy. As winter comes, the color palette becomes darker and the accessories fill with rich and opulent details - the metallic ones are back in focus. The brand also brings us some new features such as stainless steel jewelry, silver and gold plated rings and, once again, pieces of jewelry that we can customize with fun pendants.


For the new season, the premise remains: there are no rules and everything can be mixed. What counts is the personal style of each of us. After all, the best way to express ourselves is to be ourselves.


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Consultant: Jetske Breugem - van de Sande
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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About Parfois

Ode to every Woman
Parfois is a Portuguese women's fashion accessories brand created in 1994 by Manuela Medeiros, whose dream was to make exceptional and irresistible fashion accessories, affordable to everyone. 
We carefully design and develop 3.500 pieces per season, new styles in store every week.

Nowadays, Parfois has more than 700 stores all over the world, in 55 different countries.

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De eerste twee Nederlandse winkels van Parfois zijn geopend: in Hoog Catherijne in Utrecht en in Eindhoven. 
Binnenkort volgen Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Maastricht en Den Haag.