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Esprit - Sustainability: Organic Cotton NOOS


Organic Cotton becomes a timeless hero product

Ratingen, August 2020. Esprit hast been socially and environmentally conscious since its inception and has continuously integrated this attitude into the company’s philosophy. After launching a sustainable collection under the name “Ecollection” in 1990 as one of the first labels ever, Esprit today focuses on this issue 24/7. Already 87 percent of Esprit denim is made with sustainable materials. Also, as of August, the sustainable pieces are available throughout all year – just another milestone in 60 years of corporate consciousness.


Sustainable lifestyle

Already three-quarter of the NOOS collection pieces from the pre-fall womenswear is produced using sustainable materials, for the men’s collection, the share amounts to more than 50 percent. Thus, Esprit establishes a sustainable lifestyle reaching beyond one’s closet and independent of year and season. At Esprit, designers and product developers play a large part in how environmentally friendly products are designed, and always aim to create long-lasting products in timeless shapes and silhouettes. As such, Esprit commits to drastically reducing its use of chemicals and energy in the production of men’s denim due to the ecological revolutionary Wiser Wash technique. 


NOOS meets Organic Cotton:

The women’s collection introduces the relaxed Chino pants made of ripped cord which define a new comfort feeling thanks to the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber, 49,99 EUR (Model 070CC1J304, Color 001 / 040 / 270 / 350).


At the men’s collection, the cool denim jeans feel soft on the skin as they are made of 99 percent Organic Cotton and are, further, absolute trend pieces due to a modern dying, 59,99 EUR (Model 990EE2B310, Color 901; Model 990EE2B311, Color 903).


Now available at Esprit stores and
Click on the heading ‘Organic Cotton’ to see all the sustainable products made using this method. 



Consultant: Britt Pegels
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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Over Esprit

Fueled by the vision of essential positivity, Esprit was founded in California by couple Susie and Doug Tompkins in 1968. Inspired by the revolutionary spirit of the 60s the brand developed a clear philosophy – always celebrating real people and togetherness, in line with the brand's promise: “We want to make you feel good to look good”. The success story of Esprit is based on two pillars: Delivering joy every day through laid-back tailored, high quality essentials and carefully selected fashion-forward pieces while staying true to its core values of sustainability, equality and freedom of choice. Example: In the early 90ies, long before "Eco Fashion" became fashionable, Esprit debuted its first “ecollection” made of 100% organic cotton and featured its own team instead of models in in honor of their “Real People Campaign.”
Keeping this spirit alive since day one, today Esprit has a presence in 40 countries around the globe. Esprit’s headquarters are located in Germany and Shanghai.
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