ESPRIT - Pre-Spring 2021ESPRIT - Pre-Spring 2021
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ESPRIT - Pre-Spring 2021

Esprit takes customers on a journey through time: inspired by its archives from the 1990s, the brand is heading towards the future with its characteristic positive attitude to life, a modern silhouette and innovative, sustainable fabrics. With the Spring/Summer campaign 2021, Esprit reflects on 30 years of sustainability inspired fashion history. Following the credo #ReimagineLife, Esprit takes up its heritage classics from the 90s – modernized due to an increasing focus on next-to-skin comfort within our everyday lives. Both, the collection and campaign, represent the holistic awareness to life and Esprit’s values: Positive. Meaningful. Responsible. Innovative.


Sustainable premium materials and modern shapes make up the new collection by Esprit. Representing the brand’s philosophy and lifestyle, model and entrepreneur Anna Schürrle together with Spanish actor Andéres Velencoso model in support for the accompanying campaign. “Anna Schürrle and Andéres Velencoso are not only our campaign’s faces but share our values and stand for a positive attitude to life. The campaign remains its main focus on the wearer’s well-being: to feel good with and while wearing the clothes, next-to-skin comfort and the clear conscious due to the garments’ sustainable production.


The collection is inspired by the Spring / Summer catalogue from 1990, called “the cycle of renewal. All of us want and need positive change, which is how Esprit aims to start the new year and upcoming season. Further, the campaign sticks to the unique and unchanged positive attitude that characterizes our brand. Thanks to Anna and Andéres, we translated these elements into the present, adding novel interpretations of the lookbook images from 1990,” says Maria Pambori, Chief Brand Officer at Esprit. The collection’s concept centers around a sustainable, sophisticated lifestyle and presents new favorite pieces that embody comfort and a good conscious.


Change starts right here – with consciously manufactured sustainable and timeless styles that offer various mix and match opportunities throughout different seasons and are inspired by nature and its elements earth, air, and water. Ranging from striped shirts and light linen trousers to soft sweaters, vintage jeans and cool denim shirts, the items prep for the here and now. Never out of sight: sustainable fabrics and ecofriendly production processes.


Besides, materials such as linen, hemp, and Organic Cotton complement super-soft Tencel, elastic T400®, and cooling Coolmax® fibers. Due to the incredibly gentle washing technology, the denim styles ensure a better ecological footprint: less energy usage, less pollution, fewer chemicals. Natural coloring processes that stem from bio-degradable plants create a beautiful pastel color palette and simultaneously, are easy on the environment. 


The Spring Collection 2021 represents the next chapter of Esprit’s journey as a premium brand and lays the right foundation due to conscious actions and innovative designs: timeless fashion with great next-to-skin comfort, which ensures feelgood moments and contributes to a better environment. 
Available in Esprit stores and online via from March 15th 2021. 


Consultant: Colette Borstlap
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Esprit is an affordable premium lifestyle brand for high quality and consciously sourced apparel, accessories, bodywear and home wear, with worldwide distribution. Simplifying wardrobe choices through timeless, versatile pieces that can be loved for more than one season is at the heart of the brand.

Since 1968 Esprit has innovated through responsible ways to engage with people and the environment, and currently ranks as one of the most transparent fashion companies in the world.