The story of dinh van
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The story of dinh van

Where Plato is known for his statement 'Let no one ignorant of geometry enter', Jean Dinh quotes 'Let no one enter who does not embrace pure shapes and simplicity'. 


Free spirit of the French jewelry, dinh van was founded by Jean Dinh Van in 1965 and established in Paris. The House is the first to bring minimalism and design into the conservative world of jewelry. The House creates graphic, pure, modern jewelry in a minimalist style. Far removed from traditional fine jewelry, dinh van takes jewelry onto the streets, inventing an everyday luxury.

At the age of seventeen, Dinh Van started his studies at the École des Arts Decoratifs. He learned to work with fire, which caused the passion for metal melting to flare up. The process of melting metal to true sculptures intrigued and motivated him immensely. His passion and talent did not go unnoticed. The Cartier house, led by Jeanne Toussaint, where expressionist and outspoken jewels formed the guiding principle, became his further training school. His ability and talents were brought to a higher level here. As a learned craftsman and artist, and with an explicit vision, Jean Dinh Van went his own way after 10 years.

In response to the entrenched ideas about luxury jewelery, dinh van tried to modernize luxury refined jewels. Jewels had to become more accessible, and women's needs had to be a source of inspiration. 'Jewelry should not be showy. It shoud reflect the personality of the woman who wears it, because she feels like wearing it all the time, not only for special occasions'. 


The collections respond in every possible way to the dreams, expectations and achievements of the moment. Gold and silver form the artistic manifestos, from which jewelery is constantly reinvented. Nevertheless, the jewels will never evoke the feeling of nostalgia. They will always, completely remain modern, regardless of the era. This makes the jewels of dinh van extremely powerful, attractive, but above all, timeless.

dinh van demands a perfect balance between form and volume, emphasizes the essential rather than the abundant and builds a bridge between the purity of the old and the beauty of the industrial. The jewels have an unprecedented, minimalist elegance so you are willing to wear them day and night. Exactly the vision that Dinh Van strives for.


'You don't need a diamond necklace to feel beautiful.'
- Jean Dinh Van


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dinh van is available in the Netherlands at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and Utrecht, Bonebakker Jewelers and Bodes & Bode Den Haag



Consultant: Colette Borstlap
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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dinh van - A summer engraved in gold
dinh van Double-Coeurs collectie
dinh van - Holiday Season


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