C&A's 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection: Blurring the Lines between Inside and Outside, Print and DigitalC&A's 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection: Blurring the Lines between Inside and Outside, Print and DigitalC&A's 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection: Blurring the Lines between Inside and Outside, Print and Digital
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C&A's 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection: Blurring the Lines between Inside and Outside, Print and Digital

Dusseldorf, 19 May 2021 – C&A has unveiled its 2021 Autumn/Winter collection, addressing the changes in people’s habits and mindsets caused by staying at home over the past year. Adjusting to these unusual times, the event took place in a special digital setting. 550 journalists from across Europe were invited and received a printed press kit, which included an augmented reality magazine. It featured a QR code that redirected guests to the online mobile platform, which worked as an augmented reality lens. By enhancing the traditional magazine with a digital layer and 3D applications, C&A was able to bring its new Ladies’ and Clockhouse collections to life. 


“This is the second year that we’ve all had to deal with a world turned inside out. Despite the circumstances, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of creativity and sustainability when it comes to our collections and the way we present them,” says Giny Boer, CEO of C&A Europe. 


For the youth fashion brand Clockhouse, C&A designers have developed four collections – Wyoming Homespun, Urban Goth, College Punk and New Age Traveller – for 2021’s autumn and winter season. The ‘Wyoming Homespun’ collection is inspired by the feeling of homemade craft, tweaked with a slight western twist. Cool goth streetstyle can be found in the ‘Urban Goth’ Collection. ‘College Punk’ combines two main themes – bookish college boy with a rebel-punk attitude – while the nature-inspired ‘New Age Traveller’ collection captures the essence of travelling the globe. All collections tell their own story and are focused on showcasing new, ready-to-wear trends for GenZ. Rebellious, dreamy, urban, cool and homemade are the keywords that immediately come to mind with the new Clockhouse collection. All Clockhouse styles will be available from 1 August 2021 onwards.


The C&A Ladies’ Autumn-Winter collection will guide people on their next journey through winter "inside-out". The collection has a series of influences: starting with the current situation of home-based social distancing, it leads into a new hybrid lifestyle of being out and about. The outfits represent the process of leaving the cocoon – they begin with dreamy looks that aim to bring nature inside, before heading outdoors and finishing in festive styles that celebrate life, joy and happiness. 


With the collection theme ‘Dreaming away’, C&A is tuning into the dreams of nature and freedom while being inside. Home wear has changed, with much of it imitating nature and depicting our memories and fantasies of the outdoors. In short, C&A is bringing the outside in. However, all this dreaming will inevitably lead us out into nature, hence the name for the following collection: ‘Out the Door’. Strong outdoor influences, activewear and an adventurous vibe all play a role in bringing the inside out. ‘Poptimism’ is the most playful collection for winter, allowing us to have fun with fashion and re-invent our wardrobe. Partying does not need to be restricted to glamour; it can be fun, active and feature an effusion of different elements. The C&A Ladies’ Autumn-Winter collection will be available from September 2021 onwards.


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Familiebedrijf C&A is al generaties lang succesvol en toonaangevend op het gebied van modieuze en betaalbare kleding. Het verhaal van C&A, afkorting van Clemens & August Brenninkmeijer, start al in de 17e eeuw. De voorouders van Clemens en August waren toen al voortdurend opzoek naar nieuwe ideeën om de wensen van hun klanten vervullen. Vanaf de 19e eeuw richt C&A zich op betaalbare mode en breidde zich al snel internationaal uit. Nu, in de 21 eeuw, is C&A nog steeds toonaangevend in de kledingindustrie, door hun klanten en de gemeenschappen waarin zij actief zijn, beter én op meer duurzame wijze van dienst te zijn.


C&A is al jaren gedreven bezig met duurzaamheid. Door het gebruik van gerecyclede materialen zoals visnetten uit de oceaan, liggen duurzame fashion items binnen het bereik van de klant. Meer dan 50% van onze kleding wordt gemaakt met duurzamere materialen. De items zijn te herkennen aan het #wearthechange logo.


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