BANTU is a leather goods and accessories brand with its head office based in the Netherlands while producing all goods with care in Italy.


Founded in 2017 by South African born and raised designer Themba Mngomezulu, the brand is built with the intent of redefining the value of owning an item. The products are artistic reinterpretations of the everyday and mundane crafted to introduce a neoteric perspective of the objects to their audiences.


BANTU exists as a vehicle to diversify cultural perspectives and impact, empower global communities of colour through its broadly researched narratives and product. The collections documents and shares cultural stories and designs multifunctional leather goods and accessories to help the modern day explorer move more thoughtfully and fluidly throughout the world. Each collection emerges as a “freedom of expression”. A motto that speaks to the process of understanding a diverse array of cultural narratives. BANTU means people/humans in Zulu.


Rich in details and high in quality, they spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine tuning the goods all the way to the luxury finished interior and exterior of each product. BUNTU tries to offer timeless products not shaped by trends and season, but as a staple to our customers wardrobes. A collection of exceptional shoes, bags and accessories focusing on high quality material, great design, craftsmanship and sustainability.


BANTU leather goods reflects the epitome of quality over quantity, creating functional leather goods made of luxurious and honest materials to improve people's lives in small but important ways.


All the products are branded with the badge of honour, the AFRO-COMB.


Colette Borstlap
Tel: 020 - 776 7756