American Vintage - Spring/Summer CoatsAmerican Vintage - Spring/Summer Coats
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American Vintage - Spring/Summer Coats


We throw them over our shoulders, often leaving them open. For the mid-season and overcast days, summer coats are the ultimate accessory for all silhouettes. 

In woollen cloth or felted wool, coats for spring 2021 team up with mellow looks. Perfect to start the season and for cooler summer evenings, this ideal accessory boosts any outfit, just as it does in autumn/winter. For men and women, in a bathrobe or overcoat version, worn open or belted, it’s the secret of a balanced style. 

“Designed as an ultimate accessory, the spring coat reveals your style, instead of hiding it. Worn directly over a T-shirt, a suit jacket or a jogger set, it adds an urban touch to your strut and an identity to your outfits.” — Michaël Azoulay, founder of American Vintage


Consultant: Colette Borstlap
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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