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American Vintage - From production to retail

American vintage commitments: from production to retail


With the aim to reduce our impact on the planet and those who live on it, we have adopted measures that uphold these convictions.


Natural materials and more responsible production


Since our creation in 2005, we have continued to choose natural bres and to prioritise oeko-tex label materials. our jumpers and t-shirts favour american supima cotton and our wool is always biodegradable. our denim canvas reinvents itself in a version that is as sturdy as ever, but less water-consuming. nally, for several seasons now, our exclusive colours have included vegetable dyes produced with environmentally friendly methods.


A commitment extended to the head o ce and stores


This goodwill starts at our company headquarters in signes, near marseille, where the wellbeing of our teams remains one of our core values. recycling and the elimination of disposable plastic containers go hand in hand with a luminous workspace that incites creativity.


In stores, everything is designed to minimise our carbon footprint. worksites limited to the strict minimum, vintage furniture, energy-e cient led light bulbs and air-cooled instead of water-cooled air conditioners help reduce energy consumption.


Unfailing support for young talent


Outside of our own spaces, we are proud to support the emergence of young talent through various partnerships: at the hyères international festival of fashion, photography and fashion accessories since 2017 and design parade toulon since 2019. store exhibitions and prize money give a boost to new generations of designers and artists. to shape tomorrow’s world, with their help.


Consultant: Britt Pegels
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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Al meer dan 10 jaar zet American Vintage de standaard met hun kleurrijke, verfijnde basics die onmisbaar zijn in iedere garderobe. Anders dan de naam doet vermoeden, specialiseert het Franse merk zich in het ontwerpen van kleding in casual stijlen geïnspireerd door het  wereldwijde straatbeeld. Op zoek naar een nieuw concept heeft oprichter Michael Azoulay zich laten inspireren door zijn vele reizen. In 2005 lanceerde hij zijn eerste lijn van t-shirts. Een jaar later volgden t-shirts met een meer vrouwelijke snit, die een combinatie zijn van Amerikaanse look and feel met een Europese sensibiliteit. Zijdezachte materialen en frisse kleuren kenmerken het beeld dat vandaag de basis vormt voor de collecties van American Vintage.