Grand opening Søstrene Grene EnschedeGrand opening Søstrene Grene EnschedeGrand opening Søstrene Grene Enschede
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Grand opening Søstrene Grene Enschede

Danish homeware and lifestyle retailer to open first shop in Enschede

On Friday 25 November, Søstrene Grene opens its first shop in the beautiful Enschede. The retailer has secured the lease of H J van Heekplein 96-98, and this shop marks the eighth opening in the Netherlands to this date.  


The grand opening of the new shop takes place Friday 25 November at 10.30 a.m. on the address H J van Heekplein 96-98, Enschede. The alderman of Enschede, Eelco Eerenberg, has kindly accepted the invitation to do the official opening of the shop, and franchisee, Pieter Van der Land, hopes to see a lot of people on the opening day.


“The first Dutch Søstrene Grene opened in 2012, in Groningen, and now we are almost ready with shop number eight. This would never have been possible if it hadn’t been for our many, wonderful customers in the Netherlands who continuously show support and ethusiasm for the brand,” says Pieter, who also runs the other Dutch shops in Amsterdam, Groningen, Zwolle, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Den Bosch and Nijmegen.


Today more than 125 Søstrene Grene shops exist worldwide and the Netherlands has turned out to become one of the retailer’s largest markets. Although the chain is unable to disclose any details about future plans in the Netherlands, Mikkel Grene CEO and co-owner of Søstrene Grene, confirms that the Danish sisters are always on the lookout for new shop locations.


“Enschede is a new adventure for us, but we are very much looking forward to this opening. We are ever so grateful for the many good years we’ve already had in the Netherlands, and we hope to have many yet to come,” says Mikkel Grene, CEO and co-owner of Søstrene Grene. 


Consultant: Xanne Liebregts
Tel: +3120 - 776 7756


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