Hermès Watch Arceau CasaqueHermès Watch Arceau Casaque
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Hermès Watch Arceau Casaque

When Henri d'Origny created the Arceau watch in 1978, he revisited the aesthetic codes of the round watch. Eager to escaoe the confines of its classicism, he fitted it with asymmetrical lugs in a shape inspired by stirrups. Four decades later, the story continues. The case of the Arceau Casaque becomes an equestrian manège, an arena marked with curved hoof prints on the sand. Outlined against this background is the Cavale motif. The dial is crafted using champlevé, lacquer and transfer techniques. Hollows are first created in the dial base, then filled with lacquer. A matt tone-on-tone transferred chevron motif lends the final touch to this colourful composition. Their bright tones brng to mind the horse-head pawns of a classic French children's board game. Yellow, red, green or blue: which will prove the fastest in flouting time?


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Consultant: Jetske Breugem - van de Sande
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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