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DFL Volume 1


"With this wallpaper collection we want to bring your walls to life. "


The smart combination of bold playful wildlife designs and contemporary graphical patterns is what makes this wallpaper collection unique. The small modern prints are based on natural elements and structures such as tree bark, bird’s nests, linen and animal prints.  For the grand eye-catching signature prints, Noor and Jantien commissioned their favourite illustrator Hanneke Jongsma who hand drew the wildlife illustrations in her trademark style. The combination of designs give room for endless mixing and matching in an up to date colour scheme. 


Volume 1 is available at designedforliving.com from september 2015


Consultant: Sabine Hardick
Tel: 020 - 776 7756


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About us

Jantien Nunnikhoven and Noor Meyjes founded their company in 2013 when a common passion and taste for interior design made them decide to leave their jobs at Residence as editor-in-chief (Jantien) and styling director (Noor) and establish their own design studio and blog. Their experience doesn’t stop there. Their work can be seen in residential homes and public spaces such as the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam. At the moment they are designing the interior of a new hotel based in Amsterdam and interior collections such as lighting, china ware, fabrics, rugs and a second wallpaper collection.